Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why we think arbitration is dangerous

Read this article in the November 1st edition of the New York Times, titled "A privatization of the justice system".

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  1. Arbitration agreements are very typical in union contracts, though. It is different from mandatory arbitration between an employee and a corporation because, presumably, a group of employees in a union have an attorney on retainer, have a collective bankroll to fund the arbitrator, and have institutional knowledge about selecting arbitrators. An individual employee is at a huge disadvantage where a union with a labor lawyer is more or less on par in defending in arbitration. it is much, much cheaper than civil litigation, and generally ends up being quicker (but can still take awhile). A really off-base decision can be appealed. I think part of the problem you guys may have is you aren't affiliated with a larger union that brings institutional resources- the attorneys, etc etc. Have you considered affiliating your temp union with a union like CWA, UE, or some other union that shares your values? good luck. don't give up!