Friday, July 17, 2015

Lionbridge proposal at the July 17 collective bargaining meeting: 15 days of paid time off

Dear All,

As we expected from the Scrooge company that Lionbridge is, their paid time off proposal is the smallest possible to respect Microsoft's requirement: 15 days per year that can be used for any purpose. 

The eligibility would start once the contract with the union is signed and there is no retroactivity: one month after the signing you'll gain a bit more of one day of PTO. The people who have been there for years and the people who just arrived are treated the same. 
There is no extra paid time off for parental leave and the public holidays are taken out of the 15 bucket so that's already about half of the 15 days.
Lionbridge is therefore much less generous than WIPRO (for example). 
Microsoft has missed the opportunity to be really generous by adding the public holidays and a specific paid parental leave to the deal. 
They could still decide to do something if they get some bad feedback from the media comparing their meager offer to Facabook's ($4000 for each new baby).
It's also maintaining big inequalities among suppliers and with Microsoft's direct employees.
Let us know how you feel and if you want the union to sign asap or not.
Have a good week-end.