Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sign the petition asking Microsoft to start implementing their paid leave policy for Memorial Day

We just created with' support an on line petition titled "MICROSOFT: Give Memorial Day as paid leave holiday to your supplier's employees."
Take a moment to add your name supporting this demand:
Thousands of people have worked for years for Microsoft via contractors-vendors, without having any paid time off. We think Microsoft's new policy of requiring their suppliers to provide paid time off should be fully implemented as soon as possible.

Memorial Day seems a perfect and very symbolic date to start providing paid leave.
We don't see any technical or financial obstacle to do so and it would be a tangible sign that Microsoft takes its commitment seriously and will implement it promptly.
 This upcoming Memorial Day is an opportunity to ask Microsoft to start implementing its commitment to paid leave now instead of we don't know when.
We think it's worth giving it a try. After you've signed the petition, please take a moment to share it with others.
It's easy – all you need to do is forward this message.
Thank you!

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